RPD 820 Portable Hard disk

The VEVO RPD820 combines its huge storage capacity with lustrous metallic finish and remarkably tough and rugged. Despite its compact size, RPD 820 is compactly designed to fit in the pocket, making it a great companion for users who are constantly on the go. It uses a colorful and elegant designed case to house a newer 2.5-inch Hard Drive. RPD820 is truly a marriage of technology and style.

RPD 730 Portable Hard disk

The VEVO RPD730 embraces the high-performance USB 3.0 interface, 1TB capacity and fashion style with the device. RPD730 delivers astounding data transfer rates up to 5Gbp /s. This elite portable hard drive is the ideal product for those who demand the utmost in form and functionality. Besides the glossy black, silver, and pink for the ideal external storage device, RPD730 is also specialized in its anti-shock. Thus, RPD730 can greatly enhance survivability of your stored information.

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