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  • Aluminum alloy frame

    Rotatable and capless USB connector.
    High Speed and High Capacit

    Model 1
  • Golden Key

    The body of ''Golden Key'' is designed like the real key. Also, the top of the body is embedded in a circular ring to easily hang any charms.

    Model 2
  • Romans

    360 degree rotation.
    Best choice as a gift.

    Model 3
  • Model 1
  • Model 2
  • Model 3

Vevo is a brand made based upon creative and simple design. We believe that Digital media can do much more than just keeping and transferring data, they open the gate to a world filled with new ideas, images, sound and imagination. With their wide range of applications, storage media have enriched our lifestyles by making our lives more interesting, fulfilling and full of possibilities. Optical storage media are a lifestyle statement - the sign of a fun, smart and kindly digital life.

vevo made its premier appearance in 2012 as a new media brand among the well-known labels. The vevo brand is based on the vision that media is not just a data storage product; it extends your life and preserves all of your precious data and memories on just a small piece! vevoproducts are, new and creative design for the future. Vevo can provide the best quality for you in the worldwide.its product quality far exceeds that of any of the other competing brands and satisfies our customers' storage media needs with wonderful experience.

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